Lean Six Sigma Applies Not Only to Manufacturing

I am happy to report that I can now call myself a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  While I consider this a worthwhile achievement, some friends and colleagues have questioned why I was spending time, effort and money on “just getting a piece of paper” that doesn’t mean much in the world of sales […]

Don’t be Fooled by Poor Analytics

Today’s shrinking resources may tempt us into rushing things along, yet we need to be careful when relying on graphics to make decisions.  Good graphics make their point more quickly than a wall of text.  On the other hand, poor graphics easily create the wrong impression.  Distinguishing between the two is not as easy as […]

How To Find the Right Consultant

As companies grow, so does the list of things that need to get done – and at some point things that ought to get done don’t get done because either time or expertise are in short supply.  When critical items languish at the bottom of the list for too long, business suffers.  Ideally, either the […]

Are You Sacrificing Yet Another Weekend?

You are working late on a Friday, you are facing another week on the road to conduct physician  interviews and you have a choice:

sacrifice the weekend to the marketing gods
or tell the brand team that their report will have to wait a few more days – maybe a week.

Since neither option promises a happy ending, some […]