Three Steps To A Better BI Future

Managers who provide information to their sales and marketing organizations walk a tight line between drowning in data details and making sure that the information they provide leads to profitable decisions.  The daily fire fights do not leave much time for planning ahead, let alone for envisioning the future.  Yet, all successful managers know that […]

Multiple Indication Muddle

Pharmaceutical drugs often treat multiple health conditions, and sometimes the dosage varies considerably depending on the patient or the condition being treated. Under these circumstances it becomes necessary to look at how a drug and its competitors are used in real life before one can adequately compare their performance in the market place.

Likewise, comparing products […]

How To Find the Right Consultant

As companies grow, so does the list of things that need to get done – and at some point things that ought to get done don’t get done because either time or expertise are in short supply.  When critical items languish at the bottom of the list for too long, business suffers.  Ideally, either the […]

Are You Sacrificing Yet Another Weekend?

You are working late on a Friday, you are facing another week on the road to conduct physician  interviews and you have a choice:

sacrifice the weekend to the marketing gods
or tell the brand team that their report will have to wait a few more days – maybe a week.

Since neither option promises a happy ending, some […]