Since 2002, when Christine Muser founded CyCom Solutions, Inc., we have helped clients

  • prepare for product launches
  • gain marketing insights
  • monitor market activity
  • evaluate sales performance
  • develop sales goals.

Recent projects

  • provided input to business plans
  • delivered ad hoc analysis to answer investor questions
  • calculated and evaluated territory potential
  • created maps to visualize hot spots and potential across the US
  • showed influence of insurance providers and group purchasing organizations
  • helped clients improve market segmentation analysis
  • helped clients improve accuracy of compensation calculations.

These services usually involve:

  • ad hoc analysis
  • custom reports, graphics and maps
  • finding and evaluating data sources
  • turning data into useful business metrics
  • integrating and reconciling information from multiple sources.

We provide profitable sales and marketing insights using data from

  • major vendors such as IMS, Verispan and Synovate
  • internal systems such as factory sales and sales force automation systems
  • government sources such as Medicare and VA
  • geographical data bases such as zip code and MSA data files
  • and other sources.

Why clients have hired us in the past:

  • to meet tight deadlines
  • to handle a growing list of priorities
  • to extend their BI team without adding headcount
  • because growing job responsibilities left little time for data details
  • to transition knowledge following a company merger
  • to increase confidence in the information they were using to make decisions.