When Data Details Matter

Ted Cuzzillo, the author behind the datadoodle blog, got me thinking about data details today.  When do they matter and when do they distract from what matters?

Being a data analyst means that I love details: the more the better, so I can understand how they form the Big Picture.  Intrinsically, I am drawn to graphs […]

How to Create a Misleading Quadrant Analysis – by Accident

When we use analysis tools like Tableau software, it becomes very important to keep our bearings about the data we are investigating.  For example, we need to keep in mind that Tableau retrieves and calculates information based only on the data needed to generate the graph.  That statement sounds really, duh, obvious.   But we can […]

Understanding Customer Feedback: How Visualizations Quickly Guide Us to Useful Conclusions

Have you ever had the “pleasure” of slogging through hundreds of feedback forms from a seminar or conference?  Have you ever noticed how the mind seems to dwell on the negative comments, maybe even to the point that all the positives seem to loose their luster?  That’s when crunching actual survey numbers can help put […]